Monday, May 25, 2009

Figuring this thing out!

Ok so I have been working on my blog for a week or so and I am still getting used to all the gadgets & things you can do on here! I have pretty much got it the way I want with a few exceptions... Now it's up to me to keep the stories coming! Well to update you a little on what has been going on with us, Keith just recently got a promotion to be an area manager of 5 of the Taco Villas. He was in Slaton Tx being the General Manager of the Pizza Hut. I have been so proud of his accomplishments and in what a short time he was able to move along in his dreams in the restaurant world. He absolutely loves his job and for that I am so thankful! He is such a go getter & a wonderful husband. We also bought a house about 3 months ago & have been making it our home ever sense. I will post many pictures soon! Right now we are in the process of ripping out tile and some carpet & putting in wood floors. What a project this has been but I know we are going to LOVE it AFTER it's complete. I will also post before and after pictures of that & our yard. Keith & I both LOVE yard work and have really enjoyed doing everything to our house together. Luckily we have the same taste so it has been pretty easy to do. We also live just down the street from my sister and her husband Kyle and one street over from my best friend Jordan and her husband Grant. What a blessing it is to be surrounded by so many people we love! Well I will attach a couple of older pictures of our house taken when the last owners were still here... so you will have some idea of our house before.