Sunday, November 20, 2011

Harper Ellison

Well sweet Harper...

We are counting down the hours now until your arrival & I am feeling terrible that we have been so busy. Thank you for being such a good little baby & allowing me to be so so so active moving & chasing your big (but still little) brother! We are SO looking forward to your arrival & we have finished your nursery & have everything you would need, plus TONS of love. I can't wait to see what you will look like & act like! I hope that you know we have loved you every second of your little life, even before your heart was beating we loved you! I know that just like Graham, you will change our lives in so many ways (for the better of coarse).

What a wonderful blessing to have something so precious to focus on during this move. You & your brother are the light of our lives & I truly feel priviliged to be a mom. We love you so so much & hope that you want to meet us as much as we do you!

Love you baby girl

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our Little Pumpkin

Well Halloween 2011 has come & gone. Keith & I both LOVE Halloween so we hope to meet a lot of new people before next years so we can kick off our Halloween party again. We decorated a little but not like usual at all... honestly I am about to decorate for Christmas (I know it's crazy but it will be one less thing to do after little miss gets here).

Graham was a pumpkin & he really enjoyed himself! He left the hat on basically the whole night & LOVED going up to ring the doorbell for treats. He said trick or treat & thanked everyone! Such a sweetie... he also loved handing out candy with Keith when we got home. Glad our little guy is on his way to being festive for our favorite Holiday!

Also our neighborhood was AWESOME! Tons of people walking around all dressed up & Tons of decorated houses... how fun! Sometimes you just don't know how some things will be... it's like when we were moving here I asked Keith if he thought people in Austin put up Christmas lights...LOL! He thought I was crazy... I mean I figured they did but it just doesn't seem like it will feel like Christmas time when it's still in the 80's! Ha! Anyway here are a few pictures of our little pumpkin all dressed up!