Saturday, February 16, 2013

Harper Bo Barper or Harpey Lou

Sweet Harper....
How is it that we are approaching 15months old & I have hardly blogged about you??? Life is too busy sometimes.

You are talking up a storm a few words you say (in your sweet raspy little voice, that I love SO SO S much)
Harper Bo Barper (lol too cute) or Barper
Mo ( milk) So you say mo mo for more milk. Too cute
Pup Pup (puppy)
Yaya (Lala)
Ba (ball or Boss)
naw naw - anything food related (have no idea???) Only a mommy knows
pss (please)
thank you
baba (but we dont do bottles anymore so we dont say this much)
bye bye
HI to everyone ALL THE TIME (one of your first & most favorite words)

I know there are more but I just wanted to list a few.
Sweet baby this last 15 months has flown by! You seemed to stay a baby longer than your brother , but you all the sudden are a toddler so fast  it's flying by too quickly now. You are the sweetest little thing. There is SO much personality bursting from every fiber in your litle body. You love your big brother with all your heart & love that he plays with you. Ya'll are becoming best buds & it makes my heart sing. If we go somewhere to play the entire time you yell BUBBA to find him & squeal with delight when he runs to you. You will give him anything he wants because you want him to be happy, he is spoiled to you! Although don't get me wrong you hold your ground too. :-) Feisty thing you!

You have been the EASIEST baby. Your brother was super easy too just in a different way. He was def more scheduled. If something didnt happen he would let you know we were 5 min past nap time. You just go with the flow, I think this comes from being the second child. You can go anywhere, sleep anywhere, do anything & are happy. You still take 2 naps 9-11 a.m. & 2-4:30 p.m. then bed at 7:30. You are a sleeping machine have been for a LONG time. You suck your left thumb & have a night night just like your brother. It's literally the exact same blanket just a different color. We call it the magic blanket & you both call it your night night.

You have been the sweetest addition to our family. I can not imagine life with out my Harpey Lou. It amazes me how much God know what we all need in our life. You think life is perfect & then you realize you never knew you were missing so much. Praise the Lord he knows more than we do just what we need.

Oh and one last thing... you look JUST LIKE ME & ACT JUST LIKE ME! It is so fun to have a mini me. Keith has his & I have mine. Precious baby we love you more than you can imagine. Thank you Lord for allowing us to raise Harper in your word. Give us wisdom & help us to guide her in your ways...

Here is a quick recap of Harper's first year. It's true (or at least for me) I have had a harder time documenting #2. It def does NOT mean I love you any less... It's a busy life. MUST DO BETTER!

Harper's 1 Year Video- Click Here