Sunday, May 30, 2010

First Trip

Well I have needed to update but I find it hard to find time to update as much as necessary these days. Graham is growing like crazy! It's amazing how fast time flies when you are watching it progress literally day by day. I will post more about Graham over his last month soon, but this one is about our first over night out of town trip. We went to Dallas to see Keith's family, go to a wedding & have a meet and greet party for our one and only Graham Toogood. It was such an awesome trip... Graham does not usually enjoy being cooped up in his car seat so I was a little nervous about the six hour trip. He was AWESOME all the way there & ALL the way back.It rained SO much we could literally not see the front of our car at times! Talk about SCARY, but praise the Lord we made it! There were a couple of meltdowns while we were in Dallas from being in the car WAY more than usual, but he was SO good. He slept all night like usual and was a happy sweet baby at his meet and greet. He got to be with his cousins Brynlee & Lawson. It was good to have family time & I pray that someday Graham will be close with all his cousins on both sides like I always was... it makes life so sweet when you have cousins to share memories together!

We went to a wedding the day we got there & we left the reception pretty early but we were glad we got to be there at all. Graham did well & he wore a little suit... it was too cute. The next afternoon Keith & I went on a little shopping adventure & to lunch while Gigi & Boppy took care of the little guy. It was nice to get to go and hang out for a bit. It was so funny though because I really felt weird no to have this little person tagging along. Then that evening we went to his meet & greet... he literally cried all the way there & all the way back (like I said not a fan of the car seat). He did not cry once at the party though & he let everyone hold him, no problem. I can say my boy is a cuddly little guy & smiley too. It was SO much fun & we were so excited that Keith's friends & family all got meet him. Any way enough chat here are some pictues from that weekend.

Like I said check back soon bc I will posting more several days in a row!Mothers Day, 3 Months... you get the picture I'm behind!I am working on it though

Monday, May 3, 2010

2 Months!!!

I can't believe it but our little baby is now 2 months! It has truly flown by & we continue to savor every moment. He got his first set of vaccination's today & it was really sad. He did good, but it's hard to hear him cry... like really cry. Not going to lie I definitely got a huge knot in my throat. He is a trooper though & after sleeping for several hours he smiled at me while I changed his diaper so I know he is not holding a grudge. Here are his stats & a few things he is doing now...

24.5 inches long- 90th percentile
12.2 pounds- 50th percentile
already has 4 tooth buds (she said he will be an early teether...oh goodness)
Also just a side note but he has some SERIOUS eyelashes. Not kidding they are some sweeping black eyelashes. All of the sudden there they were!
Also his eyes just keep getting light & light blue! BABY BLUE! Never thought Keith & I would have a blue eyed baby boy! What a sweet surprise

He is....
Sleeping from 10 p.m. - 6 a.m.
Goes 4 hours in between feedings
2 longer naps a day ( still naps in between too)
Smiling & cooing ALL the time
Loves to stand up
Loves bath time
Loves his time on the floor & kicking at his toys.

Also I wanted to write down a few of my favorite things so that someday we can look back & remember what we really used & what we really loved when Graham was a newbie. I hear all the time how much you forget.

Things we LOVE...
Angel Care Monitor- it detects breathing & movement... if it goes longer than 20 seconds an alarm goes off! It has made me sleep peacefully from the start. Also with him about to move into his room it will make an easier transition for me.

Clean Water bathtub- It has a constant flow of water through & out of the top of the tub o have constant clean water. It also has a thermometer to keep the perfect temp water for baby. He loves it & so do I... I know he is clean when he gets out of the bath tub. No more sitting in baby potty water!

Wipes Warmer- Def. not a necessity but he loves it

Diaper Genie Elite- Amazing we have this in our room since he has been in his bassinet & I have yet to ever smell and diaper smell in our house.

Medela Steam Bags- The are amazing to disinfect everything... just add water & put in the microwave for 1 min 30 sec & boom it's sanitized!

Medela Pump- for obvious reasons

Noodle & Boo- I can not say enough about ALL the Noodle & Boo products. Not only does it all smell amazing & baby like, but it healed Graham's sensitive skin. I have used all of it from baby was, shampoo, lotion, wipes, hand sanitizer, room spray. You name it & I love it!

On another note my sister Amber, & her hubby Kyle had their precious little boy, Cape. He is just too cute for words & we are so thankful for another healthy baby boy. I will get pic's of him VERY soon... I really need to get better about taking a camera with me places! It's crazy because Graham looks HUGE compared to little Cape. It's insane how fast they grow. Welcome baby Cape, we love you SO much. Congrats Amber & Kyle what a lucky little boy Mr. Cape is!

Just a little word to Graham... We love you SO much & we are so blessed to have such a precious & sweet baby. I count my blessings everyday... I have two great guys to love & who love me. What a lucky girl I am!

Here are a few more recent pictures of Graham over the last month.