Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Getting in the Spirit!

So I thought this was hilarious! I will post pictures soon of our house decorated... We can not wait to enjoy Graham's First Christmas! I can not believe it's this time of year already.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

BAD Mommy!!!

OMG so Graham has been oh so busy I have not posted in almost 2 MONTHS!!! 2 MONTHS PEOPLE... SO many things have happened since my last post. Also I totally forgot to take his 7 month picture, I am so sad bc I had been doing SO well & because I can't turn back time & take his picture.

The last couple of months have FLOWn by & I know it will only get busier. I love every single second with Graham & my absolute fav is when Keith is here with us too. I absolutely fall in love all over again with both of my guys when I see them together. Graham's entire body gets excited when daddy gets home. It is the sweetest thing! As much as I am enjoying each & every new thing I have had a couple of real moments lately...

First, there was a moment when I was giving Graham his morning bath when I truly looked at him. The way you look at your baby when you first bring them home with you... I cried because I saw a little boy not an infant. ( I am BEYOND blessed that he is healthy & growing but it's hard to know he will never be this size again. I literally soak up every moment everyday... I have NO idea how some people say they don't like little bitty babies??? I have LOVED it all!)

Second, I came across a newborn diaper today & almost freaked out.... he seriously wore those???? They are TINY!!! It's amazing how a diaper can be so cute. We are in a 4 now... he def needs it for the length.

Finally, since my sister had Cape 2 months after Graham we have been able to hand down a TON ( you know me) of clothes. What I like to dress my little guy, so shoot me. Anyway... she gave me back a couple of sack full of clothes back & I HAD to go through every single outfit. I remember each moment I got to put some of my favorite clothes on him & how precious he was & still is to us. Oh and for those people who say girls are more fun to dress, I LOVE dressing my little boy!

Anyway here are a few things Graham is up to since my last post...

-Crawling SUPER fast now! He has been going since he turned 6 months & has NOT slowed down.
-Cruising around the furniture & turning to go to another object
-He has been in his "big boy" car seat facing backward for 2 months now
-Feeding himself "puffs"
- Mastered the sippy cup
-Signing more in sign language during mealtime
- We taught him how to clear his throat when you do
- Says dada & now associates it with Keith
- Bye Bye or Bubba not sure... we call him bubba ALL the time
- Knows the command "no" & listens 95% of the time
- Now has 3 big teeth & 2 more broke through the skin this week for 5 total
- He gives head "bumps" when you say bump to him
- Gives kisses to me when I get him from his afternoon nap
-Eating Cereal morning & evening along with lunch & dinner
-Sleeps from 8:30-8:15
-takes 2, 2 hour naps

I am not kidding when I say he makes NO fuss when we put him down for bed at night or nap time. SUPER SUPER easy to put down, he LOVES his sleep & has since 6 weeks! I LOVE mine too & I love Babywise for this gift.

On another note we made a trip to Dallas & saw Keith's family. We also went to the state fair & the Tech/Baylor game. It was a SUPER packed weekend but we had a blast & Graham did awesome. So glad we were able to spend some family & cousin time together with the kiddos. Graham and one of his other cousins Lawson are 2 days a part... so needless to say Lawson is crawling now too & the next time we are all together we are going to be SUPER busy! I'll have to post pictures later because I seriously forgot my camera! I was SAD!

Finally, HALLOWEEN!!!

Keith & I both really LOVE Halloween. We have been looking forward to dressing up our little guy & having a fun get together. It was a BLAST & the party went off with a bang! Let me just take a minute to say I literally could NOT have done this without my AMAZING husband. He was awesome & such a help to me that day. It was just us two making everything, decorating everything, and we still had little Graham at home with us. In the end I was SO proud of our little family for pulling it all together. Thanks babe... you truly are my partner & I love you SO much. Thanks for everything you do for us & with us everyday! Here are a few pictures from the night... (Graham was a bat, but he HATED the head part... it was really cute though).

Sorry for the lack of posts lately!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Seriously 6 Months !?!?!

Oh my is Graham seriously 6 months old???? Half of a year already... I know I say it every month but time just keeps flying by & we are continuing to LOVE every minute with our little man. He is getting busier by the minute. He is learning to crawl ( I say learning because he is definitely getting places but he still has a few hitches in his giddy-up... it;s so cute). I am hoping to be able to post a video of it very soon if I can have time to grab my phone for the video. I am always trying to just make sure he doesn't hurt himself so it will take some planning & fast moving to take a video clip. These are a few things we are up to today:

1. Still sleeping great & taking god naps... 2 2hour naps ( we are in the SLOW process of trying to drop his last nap... somedays he still needs it so thats ok. It's a process)
2. 1 tooth in & working on another one right now
3. Crawling
4. Pulling up to standing on everything
5. 3 bottles & 1 feeding from Mommy (we are in the weaning process)
6. I have oatmeal or multi grain cereal in the morning & evening.
7. I have tried peas, pears, prunes, and peaches... I LOVE them all!
8. I just went to my first Texas Tech football game & I did great ( we left early bc it was hotter than hades!)

Those are just a few things Graham is up to these days. I am going to do a couple of different posts coming soon. One definitely about Babywise. I have had several people send me questions & I just want to talk a little about what a blessing this book was to me. I know before I had Graham I just wanted any information that could possibly help me... so I just want information that helped to help others who want more information about schedules or just parenting. I know I am always learning & wanting new information so I think it's good for all those who have kiddos to share ideas.

These last 6 months have been the greatest adventure for Keith & I. Becoming parents was the best thing that happened to us. We have grown so much as a couple & family since Graham was born. I have the most wonderful responsibilities in the world... a wife & mother. I am SO blessed & I literally can not describe how much I love being at home with Graham. I thank Keith often, but probably not often enough for being so supportive of me to stay at home with Graham. I would not trade one minute & I feel very blessed. I was not sure before i had him just how I would feel about not being around adults all the time like when I was working. I do miss people from work but there has not been a single day where I wish I was anywhere else.

Graham I thank God everyday that he Chose me & your dada to be your parents. I know it won't be until you have your own baby that you will truly figure out just how much we love you. My heart bursts' when I look at you & I know that my love will only continue to grow. I thought I understood God's love for us, but I feel as though it's just now, that I am beginning to truly understand his love for us. Graham you truly are a gift... thank you for being in our family!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Playing Catch Up!

Oh my it has been way too long since my last post. we have done so many things since then & many things have changed!

First my family had a terrible loss... my grandmother (Murr) went to be with the Lord on July 5th. It was a hard time but I am so very thankful that she got to meet Graham and that I know she will always be watching over him and all of our family from heaven now. We are blessed to have had so many great years and many, many memories of our wonderful Murr. Graham will definitely know her through stories, it's so important to me!

Second Graham turned 4 months started serious teething and got his first illness... an ear infection. It was not fun, my happy little guy was a different baby for almost 2 weeks, but we just loved on him & he is back to his regular self! I was so scared bc he started waking up at 6 30 rather than the usual 9. I thought it was going to become a permanent thing but he bounced right back to his routine after he felt better just as he should! I just love love love Babywise! Every time I start think I'm not sure on something just as predicted he follows the Babywise pattern. Since 3 months he eats 4 times a day... 9 a.m., 1 p.m., 5 p.m., and last at 9 p.m. He naps 3 times a day 10:30-1, 3-5 and a cat nap before bed time at 7-8... he LOVES his sleep. We added rice cereal at 4 months and he has really taken to it. For those of you new moms my sister-in-law Amanda showed me Happy Bellies ceral & Graham LOVEs it! Its better on their tummies & he seems to like the taste WAY better than Gerber rice cereal.

Third Graham's Gigi (Keith's mom Cheri) came in town for a week to visit! We loved having her & I know Graham loved her being here too. It was nice to hang out & for her to spend some time with Graham by herself. She rode down with us at the end of the week when we headed down to Horseshoe Bay for the next week and Ed (Keith's dad) picked her up. We were so glad they got to b there with us the first couple of days there!

So we were in Horseshoe Bay for a week & Graham turned 5 months! He started sitting up really good before we left so it was nice that he could it and play with his toys. My entire family was at the lake & we had a blast. Graham had his ear infection while we were there but all in all he did so well! He loved going on the boat. one afternoon he was out on the boat with us from 1030 until 130. He was great! Graham's cousin Cape was there also and he is really starting to notice Graham it will be fun when they can really interact!

It's has been SO fun to watch Graham grow over the last couple of moths... he has always been long and he had gained weight super fast but he has really slowed down recently. We call him our long skinny mini. Its hilarious how huge pants are on him. He was 27 inches long and 14.8 lb's at his 4 month and he is still that length and not quite a lb. heavier yet. He is still wearing 0-3 month shorts, and even has a pair of newborn shorts that fit. I have a feeling this may be a problem for a while... my brother is still skinny and long & so is Keith.

Also he is sitting up from the laying position... he had accomplished the legs underneath him several times in his bed and has passed out and slept like that.... it looked so painful! I guess he like it considering he was frank breech for my entire pregnancy that may explain a lot. The other morning I went in his room to get him and he was sitting straight up grabbing onto the side of his bed, s it is getting moved down TODAY! Scary! He really is a mover & a shaker, he loves to bounce in his bouncy seat that goes in the doorway & he has started rocking on all fours already! I am hoping the rocking lasts at least a little bit so I can child proof some more things before he is everywhere! Here is video of him sitting up on his own....

Anyway I just needed to play catch up so I can hopefully get back on track with blogging. The last couple of months have been amazing I can't believe in a little over a week my little guy will be 6 months! It has truly FLOWN by and I have loved every second. Sometimes I still look at him and get a choked up thinking bout how God has given this little person to us. What a gift & I am looking forward to all the fun we have to come. Keith & I both love him to pieces and it's hard to remember life without him. We are truly blessed! He is a special little guy. Here are some pictures over the last couple of months. I'll be back soon!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

We Have A Roller!

I am so glad we have a blog that will allow family & friends who don't get t see Graham all the time, to see him grow. This one is for you Gigi & Bob- E!
Here is a video we took of Graham rolling from his back to his front. He has gotten really good at it. He did it a couple of weeks ago for Boss (my dad). Then he wouldn't do it again until the other day, now he does it every time we lay him on the ground. He can roll front to back too but it happens so fast I have not been able to video it... He is getting SO strong. You can tell how much it takes for them to roll this way since he doesn't use his arms... we are so proud. WAY TO GO GRAHAM!

Oh and please ignore all talking... it's so funny to hear yourself after the fact. Also sorry for the shaking video, Graham gets camera shy if you just point the camera at him so I have to hold it out while keeping eye contact with him. It's amazing I even got him in the video!

3 Months!

Sorry this post is seriously late! Well Graham is almost 4 months so I figure I need to get a few pictures up from last month. I thought I would post 3 funny parenting moments for Grahams 3 months in our family. Lord knows there have been plenty! Whata fun ride we have been on... Hope you find these stories as entertaining as we do.

1. So I decided one evening when Keith got home I was going to run really quick to Pets Mart for a cat food run. Poor lil' kitties... since Graham has joined us they are def a little left out. Anyway, I open the garage jump in my car... man I feel so naked not needing to load up Graham. I am on the move FAST! I throw it in reverse and BOOM! I'm am thinking what in the world was that?? I mean I had the garage door down what could I have possibly hit, I know the door itself was open & our garage basically holds our cars and thats it! I jump out run behind my car after I had to pull forward back over it... IT WAS MY STINKIN' STROLLER!!! No more trip to Pet's Mart it turned into a trip to Babies R Us instead (I literally use it everyday for everything... I LOVE my stroller). They don't make my exact stroller color anymore so it's a little different but honestly I like it even more! Super cute! Keith told me "if you really wanted a new stroller you could have just asked....oh my! Anyway not really a parenting story but funny none the less. Here are some pictures of the old bent up stroller & the new one. The new has a place to hook up my ipod and speakers so I can bump my tunes while walking or running!

2. OK so the second story is from the first week we brought Graham home. We had set up all his diaper changing stuff in our room so that we would not have to run across the house for all kinds of things. It was in the bathroom so that he would not tinkle or poop all over our ivory bedding. Thank goodness because a few nights in Keith was up changing Grahams diaper so that I could feed him (this was our routine he changed him then I fed him... nice helper!) anyway I hear a OH MY GOSH.... from the bathroom. I sat up and said everything ok??? What happened? This is how the conversation went... He peed EVERYWHERE... on you?? No!... Where did it go???? I have NO idea I can't see a thing... I died laughing. We kept the rom dark the whole time during the night and rarely talked so that Graham would learn that it was night time NOT playtime. So Keith could not see where the pee went... the next the morning we found out where the potty went... he made all in the bath tub! Easy to clean up I guess. No pictures for this one!

3. Ok so there is no picture for the 3rd story either... this is a good thing & you will see why. The other day I took Graham to the doctor to have a weight check. I wanted to make sure he was still gaining good weight because he wants to go to bed at 8 and he will sleep about 10-11 hours... he also only eats every 4 hours during the day so he only eats 4 times during the day. I was worried he was going to start gaining slower because he wanted to sleep so much... NOT TRUE thank goodness! He is right at about 14lb's. Anyway... I am waiting to get in to the doc & of coarse he is doing his dirty business, me & everyone else in there can hear him. So we get back there get him weighed & I go into the bathroom after we are finished to change him before we leave. I take off his diaper and grab at my bag for wipes and a clean diaper... NONE!!! WHAT???? OMG he is sitting there staring at me with his nasty bottom... what did I do with the stuff in my DIAPER bag? Hello! I realize I accidentally put all that in our pool bag after we went to the pool the day before. So I wipe him with toilet paper & snap up his clothes with NO diaper ( DANGEROUS). I know I could have asked for some from the dr. but I am already in the middle of it & I can't just leave Graham in the bathroom. I put him in his car seat & on the way over to his seat he is peeing and it is dripping on the floor. OMG seriously??? I set him in the seat grab stuff clean the floor quickly open the door & basically run to my car. Thank goodness I have my pool bag still in my car. I clean him up take off his clothes and put on a clean diaper. I am about to put on a clean outfit when I stand him up & he spits up all over him & me. My goodness what an ordeal! Graham rides home in his diaper & we go straight home, I was exhausted! HILARIOUS now & while it was happening I could not stop laughing. I will never put the important things in the pool bag again! Learned my lesson!!!!

Well there are 3 funny stories. This last month was fun & we are looking for to many more to come. Being a parent is one of God's greatest blessings & I am in a continual state of learning. Graham Mommy & Daddy love you SO much & we love watching you grow everyday. Even though I think it has gone by a little too fast I look forward to everyday with you... a new exciting adventure!!

Here are a few pics...