Sunday, November 8, 2009

A dad's perspective

Well it's been an exciting first half and a little more of Brandi's pregnancy! We are getting geared up for Graham's arrival in just a few short months. I never thought I would see the day but yesterday I went with Brandi to Belly Cotoure, a new pregnant lady's shop here in Lubbock. It was pretty cool I guess, but one of the best features of the store is the "guy lounge." It is right in the middle of the store and has a couch and a couple of chairs. That would be good enough while moms to be shop around, but to top it off, there is going to be a massive flat screen T.V. set on ESPN!! Now that is the way to get the guys in there! In all seriousness, it is a really cool place with alot of cool clothes for Brandi which I know she is really excited about. There were also alot of baby and little boy clothes. I am especially excited about 3 of the hats they have there, and I can't wait to put one on Graham...I know all the lady's hearts will melt when they see him rockin' one of those.

Today we went to Babies R us and registered for alot of the things Graham will need. It was alot of fun getting to pick out all of Graham's things with Brandi. I think we registered for everything we will need, but I know there are about 100 things we missed.
We saw so many cool things and it makes me that much more excited for Graham to get here!

Finally, watching Brandi's belly grow is one of the coolest things I have ever seen! I love putting my hand on it and getting Graham's kicks back. Here is Brandi's 24 week picture.