Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sweet Baby Graham

Well it's a BOY!!!! We are were so thrilled last Thursday to see a healthy, busy, baby boy!!! What a blessing... and relief. I say that because it's so nice to hear that everything is going well. Otherwise we just pray and trust that God knows exactly what he's doing... thank goodness! Anyway now that we know our little Graham is on the way the planning begins. I have already spotted some really cute bedding & we are excited to begin buying little man clothes and tiny diapers. At about 18 weeks I started feeling his little movements & we can even see him moving around in there... it's such a miracle. I love feeling him it makes me feel like he's letting me know he's happy in there. Also other exciting news we found out today that my brother & sister-in-law (Brian & Amanda) are also having a boy & they are scheduled to have him 5 days after my due date!!!! How fun it will be for him to grow up so close in age with his cousins. We thank all of you who have prayed & continue to pray for our little Graham Weston! We are excited to meet him & we feel blessed to be his parents. Here are a few pictures me at 20 weeks & a few from the last appt. they said he was still pretty small because he hasn't really started putting on any fat yet but the next pictures he will be much more filled out... we can't wait! We think right now his nose looks like Keith's & his lips look like mine.... it's crazy how much detail you can see in the 3d pictures!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Little of This & That

Well we got back from Ruidoso a couple of weeks ago & it was such an amazing time away! It rained everyday so we really relaxed... just what we needed. Lots of football watching and card playing it was a blast. It's always so nice to just get away but I swear I am so horrible at unpacking & getting back to the everyday. I almost live out of my back for the next week (or longer)... so bad. Not to mention I pack half my closet so it takes forever to unpack so in that case I just end up using the avoidance method. Needless to say the bag is about empty & i am getting back into the groove. Here is a pic from the trip. It looked like this all 5 days!

Also in the latest baby news we are counting down the days until we find out if we are having a boy or girl.... T minus 11 days!!! We are really pumped it has felt like a long time to wait so I def. can't imagine not finding out at all... wow talk about self control! Anyway we have a set of boy and girl names so we are super prepared for either blessing. Harper Ellison if it's a girl and Graham Weston if it's a boy... whatever it ends up being I just hope to get to use the other name someday we really like both. I have had at least 6 dreams about it being a boy so it will be interesting to see what we end up having. Here is newer belly pic I am 19 weeks now (almost halfway done!) and my pants are getting tight & I can def. say I can tell there IS for sure a baby growing in there... can't wait to continue to grow. It's nice to have proof of the amazing life taking place, what a miracle!

Anyway I hope the month of October finds you all well & I look forward to posting if we are having a Harper or Graham!