Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Countdown

Well we have started counting down the days until we get to meet our little man. We are so excited words can not describe the emotions we are feeling about all that we are about to experience. God is good, and we feel so lucky to have Graham's arrival right before us. Please pray for a healthy arrival and a smooth labor. Here are some pictures of Graham's room... it's basically finished besides a couple of small things that can be finished later. Also the belly pic is me at 37 weeks... thank you in advance for everyones thoughts and prayers as we enter this new adventure with our growing family!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Maternity Pictures

Well I finally gave in.... Keith really wanted me to take some maternity pictures & for a while I refused. I mean I am not huge, not as huge as I feel I mean. So I was not so sure I wanted a ton of pictures to remember this point of my pregnancy. Well I MUST say the pictures turned out really good thanks to Christiane Wheatley our photographer. We really love the pictures & I am glad we took them... someday Graham can see me pregnant with him in some beautiful & sweet pictures. It was also pretty cute how badly Keith wanted me to take the pictures... he has been wonderful throughout this pregnancy. He is always telling me how cute I am & I can actually tell he is being honest. He loves me being pregnant! I feel very blessed. Here are some of the wonderful pictures she took on Sunday. ( I am 36 weeks in these pictures)

There are just a few pictures... On another note we had our shower along with my sister. It was so much fun! Keith & I were SO blessed & humbled that so many people came out to support us & that so many people wanted to help get us all ready for Graham. It really helped us be more prepared for his big arrival. All his clothes are washed, bassinet put together, room basically finished, changing table stocked with diapers and wipes. I guess we are getting as ready as we can everything else we can't really "prepare" for, we'll just have to wing it...ha. I will get pictures of his room & other cute things soon. Also I need to get some pictures from the shower... of coarse I didn't even take a camera. It's so hard to step back & take pictures I love being all involved.

Anyway sorry if this blog is scattered... I feel a bit scattered lately. My last day of work is tomorrow & I am hoping to get a lot done from now until Graham makes his big debut. You will be hearing from me again soon because we find out if has turned Monday... say a prayer for us it's a big day!