Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wonderful Hubby!

Ok well I just HAD to post this special thing Keith did Friday. Well, as most of you know Keith is ALWAYS working so hard & yet he is always pitching in with some of the house work as well. I appreciate him so much for all he does for me I know I am a super lucky girl! So about Friday... I was working & Keith didn't go in until 5 & he was closing... this means we won't get home until about 1 a.m. So instead of relaxing the day away he spent his whole day organizing my side of the closet including my clothes shoes etc... I got home & I was so shocked to find a note on my bedroom door describing in detail how to find my things & how he organized & grouped my clothes. There was even one line in the note that stated all high heels on top row... how cute!!! Anyway I was almost in tears because it had been something I needed to do but had been putting it off... I am SUCH a procrastinator about certain things! Ok so thats not the end... then I read on in the letter and he says look carefully there are some surprises. So I was like wow what could this mean??? Well after he fixed up the closet he went & bought me two new pairs of dress pants for work & a new pair of tennis shoes for working out!!! All by himself... these were not things I had picked out he just went & got them! What a brave guy & I loved ALL of it. I felt SO spoiled by him. Man did I find a keeper or what? All these things considered he makes me feel this way everyday.... just blessed and loved by being an outstanding man & husband. I am SO glad God created marriage & I am SO blessed that he picked the perfect partner in life for me!!!!! I just wanted to share a little story about the great guy I am lucky to be married to...

Thursday, June 11, 2009


(This is Sadie & Cereal waiting patiently for trick or treaters @ Halloween... hilarious!!!)

Ok yes I know I am posting two times in a row, but I wanted to post something about the "children" we have for now, our animals. I really believe that God created animals not just to create something but as another type of companionship. God loves relationships and I know he loves to watch us develop all different kinds... for example husband & wife, mother & child, sisters, brothers, and I know somewhere on that list is animals. I know some people may think I'm crazy but I really do love my animals like they are part of our family. I don't do anything like bake for them (that may kill them), but non the less they are like family. Keith really loves our cats too. I'll tell you how they came to be a part of our family. Sadie is my 4 .5 year old Calico cat. My sister can vouch for the fact that I really never wanted a cat, I am just a sucker, but thank goodness for that or I would be missing out! Sadie was an orphan and I finally decided to take her in from my cousin who's neighbor had found her. She really became my "dog/cat". I got on to her, spanked her & you know what she is the best and most loving animal I have ever had. I never thought I would have another cat bc Sadie was so unique. 

Well so I was wrong about never having another cat. While we lived in Plainview last year I worked at a interior design store & in May 2008 a litter of kittens was born and left there by their mom. There were 6 total and they were all healthy and strong except one. She was only 3 ounces while the other 5 were at least 2lb's!!! They thought she was about to die so the had her in a little cardboard box. well, this just broke my heart so Keith came up there to get her & take her to the vet. I wanted to do whatever I needed to to keep this little thing alive. Well when he got to the vet the said she was dead, but Keith swore he could feel a heartbeat... it was true they checked again & very slowly and quietly they heard a heartbeat. They gave her a 20% chance to live through the night & she made it! I knew when I drove in the garage and she made a noise she was going to make it and we were going to keep her. I had to feed her once an hour, and keep her temp. regulated with a plastic glove full of hot water. It took about 3 weeks of that to get her strong enough to come out of her little shoebox. Man it was some serious work but we love her to death and I can't imagine if we had not taken her home, what our home would be like. We learned how much all that work really is & how rewarding it is when they come and great you at the door & seem to be grateful to be your pet. We name our little miracle kitten Cereal bc we just added milk and she started to come to life.... lol. Anyway I know it's a silly post, but I really do feel lucky to have my kitty's!!!

Making Our house Our Home

Well we have now been in our house over 3 months! Time sure does fly when you are trying to getting settled and working! Well I finally have some before and after pictures of our house right when we moved in and then after we have had wood floors put in & a few other things. Thanks to Keith's mom Cheri I have some really good before shots! I absolutely love the floors it was well worth all the drama that went into getting them put in.... you know like when they say a 4 day project it actually means 4 weeks... I know insanity! Anyway we love the floors and I am feeling so at home in our new house. Also Keith & I both have truly enjoyed getting our outdoor spaces beautified as well. I am truly an out door girl... I would much rather mow, plant, even pull weeds before I would ever want to do laundry. This is evident from my ever growing pile of clothes in our closet!!! YIKES!!! Thank goodness Keith loves me just the way I am & thank goodness for my brother-in-law Kyle who owns a laundry business! He really has helped me greatly a few times, what a blessing! Anyway I hope you enjoy the pictures... it is still a work in progress but I really believe we will get there SOON!

The New Breakfast Area
The Old Breakfast Area
The Old Kitchen
The New Kitchen
The New w/ our stuff & The Bottom pic is the old w/ the old owners stuff!