Monday, June 6, 2011

Time is FLYING!

Well I can not believe our sweet baby boy is 15 months old & I am 15 weeks along with baby 2!!! It has been WAY too long since my last post but as usual life got crazy. We have had serious technological problems and that has made blogging impossible. I still need to have a post dedicated to pictures as soon as I can get those uploaded.

Anyway.... Since last time I found out I was pregnant again 3 weeks after Graham turned 1 & we could not be more thrilled. We have always known we wanted our kids to be close in age & I feel blessed beyond belief to be able to have #2 so soon. I know so e people thi k we are crazy or that money, college ect. Is going to be crazy but we just feel that we are building a family & I know things will be hard but I am excited about the relationship our kids will form because they are so close. God is good & honestly this is the season that we are in so complaining about double diapers, lack of sleep ect is crazy. I know those may be things that go with having kids & i try to live in each phase because it is all passing so quickly. I honestly love being a mom & I feel so blessed!! Thanks to all who rejoice with us & thanks to everyone who calls with congrats or just to check on me... We grateful for all of you. I have felt just as good as I did with Graham & I have actually had more energy this time. What a blessing with Graham so so so busy! I am going to start posting pics at 16 weeks (Friday) since that was the first pic I took while pregnant with Graham. It will be fun to compare... Not showing yet & no weight gain. I am actually looking forward to starting to show... So cute I think. Next Monday is my 16 week check up & we also get to get the date for our big sonogram when we get to find out the gender. We honestly don't care boy or girl... Just healthy! God knows WAY more than I do what would be perfect for our family so I trust his decision. He picked Graham who is perfect for us so I am excited to meet baby 2! I will keep you updated on all things baby.

Then in April we took Graham to Florida to disneyworld. I knew this trip was more for Keith & I rather than him but he shocked us by loving every moment! We still don't let him watch tv so when we went I didn't know what he would think of the characters but he loved them... Not scared at all. Getting to go on this trip with Graham was awesome & I know it's something Keith & I will always treasure. He was great on the airplane & since that was the first time we were not home for nap taking everyday he was awesome! Such a good boy!

May was full of sweet Cape getting dedicated at church & Mothers day & a Memorial day trip to Dallas. I will do several more post with lots of pictures as soon as I can get all pics uploaded. My goal is to blog at least every 2 weeks... We have SO much going on that I will post later so that will be so much to blog about.... Until then sorry for lack of posts & I'll get pics ASAP! Enjoy these few that I have in an email until then. I also have SO many video clips of Graham talking that I need to put up, they are SO cute. He is SO chatty & still says a million things and more.