Thursday, June 11, 2009

Making Our house Our Home

Well we have now been in our house over 3 months! Time sure does fly when you are trying to getting settled and working! Well I finally have some before and after pictures of our house right when we moved in and then after we have had wood floors put in & a few other things. Thanks to Keith's mom Cheri I have some really good before shots! I absolutely love the floors it was well worth all the drama that went into getting them put in.... you know like when they say a 4 day project it actually means 4 weeks... I know insanity! Anyway we love the floors and I am feeling so at home in our new house. Also Keith & I both have truly enjoyed getting our outdoor spaces beautified as well. I am truly an out door girl... I would much rather mow, plant, even pull weeds before I would ever want to do laundry. This is evident from my ever growing pile of clothes in our closet!!! YIKES!!! Thank goodness Keith loves me just the way I am & thank goodness for my brother-in-law Kyle who owns a laundry business! He really has helped me greatly a few times, what a blessing! Anyway I hope you enjoy the pictures... it is still a work in progress but I really believe we will get there SOON!

The New Breakfast Area
The Old Breakfast Area
The Old Kitchen
The New Kitchen
The New w/ our stuff & The Bottom pic is the old w/ the old owners stuff!

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Kenley King said...

awesome! that looks so good! i LOVE the floors! yay!