Sunday, September 13, 2009

16 weeks!!!

Well I am 4 months now & getting more and more excited everyday about our little addition. I wanted to write a short update & post a pic before we go out of town for the week. We are headed to Ruidoso & we could not be more excited!!! It will be just Keith & I hanging out until Saturday!!! Ahhh sweet relaxation! I will post several pic's after our trip & tell you guys all about the nothing that we did. This is a perfect time for a trip & I am feeling wonderful so it should be a great time together. My next appt. will be next monday so I will post trip pictures & update you about the peanut.(this is my 16 week pic) I am just waiting to show anytime now... Keith keeps asking me if there is really a baby in! Silly guy!

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Kenley King said...

WHERE is your belly?!?! OH my gosh! You look way cute! I can't wait until your belly sticks out though! :-) You may wake up one morning and BOOM there it is! Yay!