Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Little of This & That

Well we got back from Ruidoso a couple of weeks ago & it was such an amazing time away! It rained everyday so we really relaxed... just what we needed. Lots of football watching and card playing it was a blast. It's always so nice to just get away but I swear I am so horrible at unpacking & getting back to the everyday. I almost live out of my back for the next week (or longer)... so bad. Not to mention I pack half my closet so it takes forever to unpack so in that case I just end up using the avoidance method. Needless to say the bag is about empty & i am getting back into the groove. Here is a pic from the trip. It looked like this all 5 days!

Also in the latest baby news we are counting down the days until we find out if we are having a boy or girl.... T minus 11 days!!! We are really pumped it has felt like a long time to wait so I def. can't imagine not finding out at all... wow talk about self control! Anyway we have a set of boy and girl names so we are super prepared for either blessing. Harper Ellison if it's a girl and Graham Weston if it's a boy... whatever it ends up being I just hope to get to use the other name someday we really like both. I have had at least 6 dreams about it being a boy so it will be interesting to see what we end up having. Here is newer belly pic I am 19 weeks now (almost halfway done!) and my pants are getting tight & I can def. say I can tell there IS for sure a baby growing in there... can't wait to continue to grow. It's nice to have proof of the amazing life taking place, what a miracle!

Anyway I hope the month of October finds you all well & I look forward to posting if we are having a Harper or Graham!


Kenley King said...

I love the names you have picked out! So cute! I had a lot of boy dreams too so you might just have a boy! Awwww! Have you been feeling him/her move yet? I love that feeling the most! It's way cool! It feels like popcorn in there! :-) Glad you are doing well and you look so cute!

Karsak Family... said...

Yeah!! I cannot wait to hear what you guys are exciting! Your names are perfect, I'd love to hear sometime how you came up with them. By the way you are beautiful!!