Wednesday, March 31, 2010

1 Month Old!

WOW where in the world did this month go??? Graham is now over a month old and growing like a weed! He is almost 11 lb's and he is really becoming more engaged. I didn't talk about it before because I was afraid I would jinx ourselves but I must talk about it... he is the BEST sleeper ever! I have to brag on my little guy just a bit, I mean even if his sleeping habits change I feel so blessed by our first 5 weeks. He came home and only woke up 2 times a night to eat 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. I am not kidding & no waking up or fussing at all in between. He eats diligently and then goes right back to sleep! I am telling you honestly I was expecting to get NO sleep ever again, but honestly I have gotten no shorter than 6 hours since we came home. He now wakes up only once & we will shortly be working on making it all the way through the night. Our pediatrician says it's best to wait until they are at 11 lb.'s so that their blood sugar levels can be regulated. Any who I think he mat accomplish this pretty fast considering we usually wake him up to eat! Also I was told that babies make SO much noise at night so it's hard when they are in your room. Graham is a very quiet sleeper so I set an alarm to wake up & I can honestly say the best thing we received was from my brother & sister-in-law. It is an angel care monitor that monitors their breathing. I sleep very well because of this device! I would HIGHLY recommend it for all parents with little ones! Ok enough bragging about that, but I just have felt so blessed I just HAD to talk about it... I told Keith our next baby will probably never sleep, not want to eat, and cry all the time because Graham has been such a breeze! I think Keith & I both could have several kiddos if they were all like our little man! No but seriously I know if I never got any sleep it would all still be worth every second with our little one... they are such a blessing! OK here are some things Graham is doing in his first month & some pictures I have finally uploaded.

- Following the great Babywise schedule... since the day he was born!
- Basically holding his head up all the time & turning it side to side
- Making GREAT eye contact
- Smiling on purpose (it was only for Keith for a while... he would save all his smiles for Keth when he would come home from work. Now he is sharng!)
- Gooing
-Rolling from side to side ( I was Shocked how many times he did this in one sitting)
-Size 1 diapers
- Almost 11 lb s
- Some Newborn clothes still fit and some 0-3 month but those are mostly still too big
- Loves having floor time
-Loves his wipes warmer
_Loves his stroller & going for walks or out shopping
-Loves bath time (minus when we have to rinse out his hair)
-Loves his mommy & daddy of coarse
-Still is not a fan of getting in his car seat but it's getting better
-Finally We went on our first road trip to Amber's Amarillo shower & he was a doll!

I am loving every minute of staying home with Graham & I am looking forward to the many many more memories we will all make together. Here are several pictures from the last month...


Kyle and Amber said...


Ashley said...

Brandi he is sooo adorable!! It is so crazy to think that we are all getting married and having babies! It seems like it was just yesterday we were in High school and here we are about to hit our 10 year reunion! Crazy! I am so happy for you and your family!!

Cheri and Ed said...

We love the pictures! It is crazy that it has been a month. He is growing like a weed. To quote our dear Aunt Libby, "He's growing so fast, I'll have to put a brick on his head." (She's 98 and only 4'9 or so). Keep sending and posting. We love reading and wish we were there to see all these changes take place, but mostly to just hold Graham!!!

The Curry's said...

He is just precious! Keep enjoying him at every stage, they are all so wonderful!!! I need to come snuggle him!