Monday, October 17, 2011

Ch-ch-ch- Changes!

Well here in the Toogood household we have been through some MAJOR changes in the last 4 months....

We listed our house For Sale by Owner
Sold it in a couple weeks
Had a Gender Reveal Party.... It's a GIRL!!! (Harper Ellison Toogood)
Had a SURPRISE shower/birthday lunch
House got Packed
Stayed with my parents for a week
Now live in Cedar Park Texas
I have a GROWING belly (with a sweet little girl inside!)
Graham is 19 months & counting
Keith is getting ready to open the first of many Taco Markets

Man... I know there is more but seriously I just hit the high points! Ha! No seriously all these things have kept us running around like CRAZY PEOPLE! Moving was truly a whorl wind experience, it all just seemed to fly by me. I literally abandoned most housework & spent as much time outside with Graham, with family that I possibly could.

Our gender reveal party was a total success! It was so much fun to put together & I had 2 special people help with invites & cake. (Thank you Monica Curry & Danielle Touchstone) If you live in the Lubbock area seriously these girls are TALENTED! I really did not care boy or girl, just healthy! I know people say you just say that, but seriously we wanted to have another healthy baby not just to have a boy or girl. God knows what will fit each family perfect so I definitely trust HIS judgement! It was really great because that morning we got to go see a healthy baby on a sonogram without the anticipation of finding out the gender immediately it really took any anxiety out of the air. Then later that evening with family & friends we cut into a cake that had a layer of PINK icing! We are so excited about our little Harper... what a blessing. Graham talks about Harper ALL the time, clearly he has NO idea but I think it's sweet that he talks about her. He asks when she is going to sit by him in the car ALL the time... I'm pretty sure we have a social butterfly as of lately... Don't blame him I would be bored back in the back seat too! He is going to love her to pieces & I can't wait to see their relationship unfold!

Next up was a surprise luncheon my sister & mom put together! OMG was I surprised!!!! That is putting it lightly, seriously they had to do a lot of sneaky work to pull that thing off. I was SHOCKED, so sweet to celebrate both things together. I got some great things for Harper too! Going to have to get used to more "things" that come with having a little girl!

Then by the end of August it was time to pack up & move!!! It was truly hard to leave Lubbock. I know so many people dog on how terrible Lubbock is but it's my hometown! I loved it & love it still because all the people I love are still there! I know God has his hand in how we came down here & I am looking forward to see our lives unfold here but I would be lieng if I said it wasn't heartbreaking knowing Graham won't be as close to family (in location) as I was growing up. Now I am going to need to learn how to stay in touch really well (something I have never really been that good at long distance wise). We have been in our house for a month & a half now. It is slowly starting to feel like home to us. I am SO thankful to have Keith & graham with me on this journey. They are both what get me through being homesick... and sweet Harper will be born here! We have had SO much changing & going on that this pregnancy has FLOWN by me! I am already starting to go to my new doctor weekly this coming week! It has been crazy but I know God sent us this sweet little baby to keep our minds looking forward.

If you think of it please say a little prayer for Graham... He is SO observant and he misses everyone quite a bit! He is adjusting really well but WE ALL have our moments, ha! Something that he did the other day just melted my heart.... Keith is going to back to Lubbock to work some until the new store opens here so it was just Graham & I. I guess I was being quiet when Graham came up to me put his hand on my shoulder & said "Mommy Sad?" I said yes Mommies a little sad but it's ok. He said" I hold you hand". Talk about a tear jearker! Sweet baby boy! Here a few pic's of that sweet boy @ 19 months

Well thats all for now.... I have many posts that go back but I must find my pictures first... ha!

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Kyle and Amber said...

TEAR! TEAR!! Yes LOTS of changes and adjustments these past few months! I know you are right about God sending Harper at just the right time for you guys! See you SOOOOOOON!!!