Sunday, November 20, 2011

Harper Ellison

Well sweet Harper...

We are counting down the hours now until your arrival & I am feeling terrible that we have been so busy. Thank you for being such a good little baby & allowing me to be so so so active moving & chasing your big (but still little) brother! We are SO looking forward to your arrival & we have finished your nursery & have everything you would need, plus TONS of love. I can't wait to see what you will look like & act like! I hope that you know we have loved you every second of your little life, even before your heart was beating we loved you! I know that just like Graham, you will change our lives in so many ways (for the better of coarse).

What a wonderful blessing to have something so precious to focus on during this move. You & your brother are the light of our lives & I truly feel priviliged to be a mom. We love you so so much & hope that you want to meet us as much as we do you!

Love you baby girl

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Kyle and Amber said...

Oh what a sweet note to a sweet baby girl! WE are SOOO anxious to meet you! We love you too Harper! Love, Aunt Amber, Uncle Kyle, and cousin Cape