Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Little Boy

Well I have not posted on just Graham in a while so I decided it is time!
Graham you are almost 23 months old... I can not believe you are a big brother & we are starting to plan your second birthday party. The idea of you being 2 brings tears to my eyes. How did this go by SO fast??? Where is my baby boy going??? You are turning more & more into a little boy everyday. I know God has perfect timing & we would probably think stages were too long if they lasted longer than they do, but honestly I could stand for things to move a little slower!
You are the sweetest little boy ever & a smarty pants too. You talk so well & have been making full sentences for quite some time now. "Mommy I love you" is music to my ears & having you say it on your own melts my heart. You have been great with your little sister & I knew you would, but seeing it makes me ache with love for you both... How blessed are daddy & I to have these two precious kiddos entrusted to us by our Lord???
You had a hard time adjusting to our move, but you came around after about 4 weeks. It was amazing how little you were but you knew so much was changing... I could not have done this without you buddy. In so many ways we stabilized everything for you but it helped me too. We would do anything for you! Taking care of you & thinking about Harper helped me more than you will ever know... Now we are blooming where we were planted.
We are still all at home together, but we have started talking about Mothers Day Out maybe in September. This is by far going to be harder on me than you. I know you need it so badly though because we don't have any other little kids to be around so I know it would be good. You LOVE playing with kids & you could care less when we drop you off while trying out new churches... this makes it SO much easier on Mommy & Daddy. They always LOVE having you in their class & always question how old you are because of your HUGE vocabulary & how well they can understand you. We were even told you would do better in an older class!
During Christmas you started watching The Grinch with Jim Carrey & you will almost watch the ENTIRE thing. It's crazy because we have hardly ever let you watch any shows & I thought you may be scared of the Grinch but you love him?!?!?! You also have a little crush on Cindy Lou Who... Every time she sings you say "ahhh beautiful". It has been fun to cuddle on the couch or floor & watch a movie with you. This is a new stage & I am LOVING it.
I wish I had a video camera on me ALL the time... you have started to get really funny & I am ALWAYS amazed by some of the things you say to me. Here are a few stats for you these days

Weigh about 26 lbs
Some 2T's (you need a belt or a sinch thing inside your pants skinny boy)
Not sure length but you are tall... will check soon!
Size 4 diaper (starting to potty train)
Sleep 7:45-8:15
One nap 12:45-4:00
19 teeth
Sleep with 2 night nights(your blue blankie) and about 10 stuffed animals! Seriously! Kiki(green monkey & Woody are your favorite)
Size 6 shoe
Eat everything
Pretend play (copy mommy with Harper)

Baby boy if I could press pause for a while I would... I still go in your room at night just to peek at you. What a miracle you are... watching you grow up is so bittersweet for me. We are blessed by you everyday & I am reminded how grateful we are to have such a healthy happy little boy. Sorry I have not updated about you, life is getting by me. I MUST write more things down so we can go back & tell you everything you were about! Looking forward to many many more things with you, my first born. SO glad we were picked to be your parents. How precious you are to us! You are going to do great things.


Cheri said...

Brandi, your beautiful post brought tears to my eyes and overwhelmed me with fond memories of Keith. Little boys are so sweet especially to their moms and Graham is definitely following in his dad's footsteps. However, Graham talks a whole lot more than Keith did. Both have such sweet spirits and always concerned about others. Even though time has passed quickly for you, it is moving at super sonic speed for Gigi & Bop-E. We loved spending Christmas with you and will cherish the time forever and just wish we could see you all more often. We love you ..... better!
Gigi & Bop-E

The Curry's said...

What a sweet post, there's just something awfully special about little boys (of course little girls, too!) but just hold onto your hat. It goes about 10x faster with #2...I feel like I blinked and Quin was 1. Bittersweet for sure. Your babies are so precious!

Kyle and Amber said...

only 9 am and I am a bawly mess! Sweet sweet post. Of course I would diddo all! Love you to pieces Graham Weston!