Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sweet Cheeks!

Well we went to see what we thought was our last sonogram today & we were able t get a couple of pic's... their a little difficult to make out but he was being very shy. He is breach right now & he is actually in a frank breach position where his feet are in his face... so basically folded in half! Flexible little guy! We will be going back to the Doctor in 2 weeks to ensure my fluid levels are staying the same... they are a little high & they just want to ensure they don't go higher. He weighs 3 lb 13 ounces right now which sounds big to me already but he said he is average but could be a big baby for me. We feel truly blessed to have been able to see him today it's always mind blowing to see how much he has grown & now he looks so much like a real baby!!!! Anyway I will post a couple of pic's & try and help you make out where his face is bc he is so smashed it can be hard to make him out sometimes. He has such a sweet little face & sweet cheeks from what we can see... we can't wait to meet our little sweet cheeks!

Here is Graham his feet and hands are on the left side of the picture & his face is on the right side facing his feet & arms. You can see his sweet cheeks & little nose is being seriously smashed by his arms & legs.

Here is little Graham and his face is still on the right & you can see his eye a little, it's closed & his foot is on the left facing forward & his hand is on the left up by his head.

Anyway not sure if everyone will be able to make out where everything is but we LOVE seeing him & thought you might too.

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Kyle and Amber said...

ooooo I love seeing these pictures over and over! He does have sweet little cheeks. We can't wait to meet him!!!