Thursday, January 14, 2010

Look at Those LIPS!

Well we saw our sweet baby Graham again today & man did he grow even more! He weighs 5 lb's which explains why I can hardly eat. He is taking up ALL the room I have & more! I am glad to say that everything looked great & we don't have to go to that particular Dr. again to check my fluid levels. They said everything looked great and would not need to monitor me. We did get to get several awesome pictures while we were there & he is just precious & healthy, we could not ask for more. God is good, and I just pray he continues to watch over little Graham & help him continue to grow (and turn from the frank breech position he is still in now). It won't be long from now & we will meet our little boy! Here our the fabulous pictures. He was very photogenic this time!

This first one is his foot.... the rest are of his face.


The Curry's said...

He is so cute, I love that you can completely see his face. What awesome pictures. I remember Braidy having huge lips too (I saw something Keith wrote on FB about him having big lips), I think it's just because they're so squished, because Braidy's lips were perfect! Bigger than mine, but not "huge" by any means =) Graham is adorable and I cannot wait to meet him!

Kenley said...

Oh Brandi these are so good!! He was very photogenic! Baker's lips and nose were looking big too and Nate asked about it and they said it's because they are squished this far along! Haha! I think Nate was concerned about that big nose :-) So funny! I am glad you got such great pictures and he is smiling in that one! Awwww! I'll pray he gets out of his frank position and gets head down!! You still have time! Take care!!

Kyle and Amber said...

SO sweet! What amazing pictures. We already knew he might get his mama's voluptuous lips! He looks just precious!

Anonymous said...

I'll try this again. It is sooo amazing! I love the one where he is smiling; that's awesome. We are praying that he will be a gymnast and flip for you. We are so anxious to welcome our handsome baby Graham!
GiGi & Bop-E

Cheri & Ed said...

We're testing to see if this comment will post. We love you and are so excited for you!!!!
Cheri' & Ed