Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Seriously 6 Months !?!?!

Oh my is Graham seriously 6 months old???? Half of a year already... I know I say it every month but time just keeps flying by & we are continuing to LOVE every minute with our little man. He is getting busier by the minute. He is learning to crawl ( I say learning because he is definitely getting places but he still has a few hitches in his giddy-up... it;s so cute). I am hoping to be able to post a video of it very soon if I can have time to grab my phone for the video. I am always trying to just make sure he doesn't hurt himself so it will take some planning & fast moving to take a video clip. These are a few things we are up to today:

1. Still sleeping great & taking god naps... 2 2hour naps ( we are in the SLOW process of trying to drop his last nap... somedays he still needs it so thats ok. It's a process)
2. 1 tooth in & working on another one right now
3. Crawling
4. Pulling up to standing on everything
5. 3 bottles & 1 feeding from Mommy (we are in the weaning process)
6. I have oatmeal or multi grain cereal in the morning & evening.
7. I have tried peas, pears, prunes, and peaches... I LOVE them all!
8. I just went to my first Texas Tech football game & I did great ( we left early bc it was hotter than hades!)

Those are just a few things Graham is up to these days. I am going to do a couple of different posts coming soon. One definitely about Babywise. I have had several people send me questions & I just want to talk a little about what a blessing this book was to me. I know before I had Graham I just wanted any information that could possibly help me... so I just want information that helped to help others who want more information about schedules or just parenting. I know I am always learning & wanting new information so I think it's good for all those who have kiddos to share ideas.

These last 6 months have been the greatest adventure for Keith & I. Becoming parents was the best thing that happened to us. We have grown so much as a couple & family since Graham was born. I have the most wonderful responsibilities in the world... a wife & mother. I am SO blessed & I literally can not describe how much I love being at home with Graham. I thank Keith often, but probably not often enough for being so supportive of me to stay at home with Graham. I would not trade one minute & I feel very blessed. I was not sure before i had him just how I would feel about not being around adults all the time like when I was working. I do miss people from work but there has not been a single day where I wish I was anywhere else.

Graham I thank God everyday that he Chose me & your dada to be your parents. I know it won't be until you have your own baby that you will truly figure out just how much we love you. My heart bursts' when I look at you & I know that my love will only continue to grow. I thought I understood God's love for us, but I feel as though it's just now, that I am beginning to truly understand his love for us. Graham you truly are a gift... thank you for being in our family!


Gigi and Bop-E said...

Thank you! We're anxious to see Graham on the move.

Kyle and Amber said...

I can't believe he is almost 7 months!! Over half a year old already. They are growing too fast. But oh what joy it is to see them growing into these healthy, lively little boys!