Tuesday, November 2, 2010

BAD Mommy!!!

OMG so Graham has been oh so busy I have not posted in almost 2 MONTHS!!! 2 MONTHS PEOPLE... SO many things have happened since my last post. Also I totally forgot to take his 7 month picture, I am so sad bc I had been doing SO well & because I can't turn back time & take his picture.

The last couple of months have FLOWn by & I know it will only get busier. I love every single second with Graham & my absolute fav is when Keith is here with us too. I absolutely fall in love all over again with both of my guys when I see them together. Graham's entire body gets excited when daddy gets home. It is the sweetest thing! As much as I am enjoying each & every new thing I have had a couple of real moments lately...

First, there was a moment when I was giving Graham his morning bath when I truly looked at him. The way you look at your baby when you first bring them home with you... I cried because I saw a little boy not an infant. ( I am BEYOND blessed that he is healthy & growing but it's hard to know he will never be this size again. I literally soak up every moment everyday... I have NO idea how some people say they don't like little bitty babies??? I have LOVED it all!)

Second, I came across a newborn diaper today & almost freaked out.... he seriously wore those???? They are TINY!!! It's amazing how a diaper can be so cute. We are in a 4 now... he def needs it for the length.

Finally, since my sister had Cape 2 months after Graham we have been able to hand down a TON ( you know me) of clothes. What I like to dress my little guy, so shoot me. Anyway... she gave me back a couple of sack full of clothes back & I HAD to go through every single outfit. I remember each moment I got to put some of my favorite clothes on him & how precious he was & still is to us. Oh and for those people who say girls are more fun to dress, I LOVE dressing my little boy!

Anyway here are a few things Graham is up to since my last post...

-Crawling SUPER fast now! He has been going since he turned 6 months & has NOT slowed down.
-Cruising around the furniture & turning to go to another object
-He has been in his "big boy" car seat facing backward for 2 months now
-Feeding himself "puffs"
- Mastered the sippy cup
-Signing more in sign language during mealtime
- We taught him how to clear his throat when you do
- Says dada & now associates it with Keith
- Bye Bye or Bubba not sure... we call him bubba ALL the time
- Knows the command "no" & listens 95% of the time
- Now has 3 big teeth & 2 more broke through the skin this week for 5 total
- He gives head "bumps" when you say bump to him
- Gives kisses to me when I get him from his afternoon nap
-Eating Cereal morning & evening along with lunch & dinner
-Sleeps from 8:30-8:15
-takes 2, 2 hour naps

I am not kidding when I say he makes NO fuss when we put him down for bed at night or nap time. SUPER SUPER easy to put down, he LOVES his sleep & has since 6 weeks! I LOVE mine too & I love Babywise for this gift.

On another note we made a trip to Dallas & saw Keith's family. We also went to the state fair & the Tech/Baylor game. It was a SUPER packed weekend but we had a blast & Graham did awesome. So glad we were able to spend some family & cousin time together with the kiddos. Graham and one of his other cousins Lawson are 2 days a part... so needless to say Lawson is crawling now too & the next time we are all together we are going to be SUPER busy! I'll have to post pictures later because I seriously forgot my camera! I was SAD!

Finally, HALLOWEEN!!!

Keith & I both really LOVE Halloween. We have been looking forward to dressing up our little guy & having a fun get together. It was a BLAST & the party went off with a bang! Let me just take a minute to say I literally could NOT have done this without my AMAZING husband. He was awesome & such a help to me that day. It was just us two making everything, decorating everything, and we still had little Graham at home with us. In the end I was SO proud of our little family for pulling it all together. Thanks babe... you truly are my partner & I love you SO much. Thanks for everything you do for us & with us everyday! Here are a few pictures from the night... (Graham was a bat, but he HATED the head part... it was really cute though).

Sorry for the lack of posts lately!

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Cheri and Ed said...

It is really nice to read your updates and see the pictures. We can't believe how big Graham is getting and that 8 months have already flown by. The house looked fantastic; you both did a great job decorating. Definitely miss that about having Keith around - Halloween was always his favorite holiday. Love the new app - Face Time and look forward to "talking" to you again soon!!!! Love you all better :-) Bop-E and Gigi