Sunday, June 13, 2010

3 Months!

Sorry this post is seriously late! Well Graham is almost 4 months so I figure I need to get a few pictures up from last month. I thought I would post 3 funny parenting moments for Grahams 3 months in our family. Lord knows there have been plenty! Whata fun ride we have been on... Hope you find these stories as entertaining as we do.

1. So I decided one evening when Keith got home I was going to run really quick to Pets Mart for a cat food run. Poor lil' kitties... since Graham has joined us they are def a little left out. Anyway, I open the garage jump in my car... man I feel so naked not needing to load up Graham. I am on the move FAST! I throw it in reverse and BOOM! I'm am thinking what in the world was that?? I mean I had the garage door down what could I have possibly hit, I know the door itself was open & our garage basically holds our cars and thats it! I jump out run behind my car after I had to pull forward back over it... IT WAS MY STINKIN' STROLLER!!! No more trip to Pet's Mart it turned into a trip to Babies R Us instead (I literally use it everyday for everything... I LOVE my stroller). They don't make my exact stroller color anymore so it's a little different but honestly I like it even more! Super cute! Keith told me "if you really wanted a new stroller you could have just asked....oh my! Anyway not really a parenting story but funny none the less. Here are some pictures of the old bent up stroller & the new one. The new has a place to hook up my ipod and speakers so I can bump my tunes while walking or running!

2. OK so the second story is from the first week we brought Graham home. We had set up all his diaper changing stuff in our room so that we would not have to run across the house for all kinds of things. It was in the bathroom so that he would not tinkle or poop all over our ivory bedding. Thank goodness because a few nights in Keith was up changing Grahams diaper so that I could feed him (this was our routine he changed him then I fed him... nice helper!) anyway I hear a OH MY GOSH.... from the bathroom. I sat up and said everything ok??? What happened? This is how the conversation went... He peed EVERYWHERE... on you?? No!... Where did it go???? I have NO idea I can't see a thing... I died laughing. We kept the rom dark the whole time during the night and rarely talked so that Graham would learn that it was night time NOT playtime. So Keith could not see where the pee went... the next the morning we found out where the potty went... he made all in the bath tub! Easy to clean up I guess. No pictures for this one!

3. Ok so there is no picture for the 3rd story either... this is a good thing & you will see why. The other day I took Graham to the doctor to have a weight check. I wanted to make sure he was still gaining good weight because he wants to go to bed at 8 and he will sleep about 10-11 hours... he also only eats every 4 hours during the day so he only eats 4 times during the day. I was worried he was going to start gaining slower because he wanted to sleep so much... NOT TRUE thank goodness! He is right at about 14lb's. Anyway... I am waiting to get in to the doc & of coarse he is doing his dirty business, me & everyone else in there can hear him. So we get back there get him weighed & I go into the bathroom after we are finished to change him before we leave. I take off his diaper and grab at my bag for wipes and a clean diaper... NONE!!! WHAT???? OMG he is sitting there staring at me with his nasty bottom... what did I do with the stuff in my DIAPER bag? Hello! I realize I accidentally put all that in our pool bag after we went to the pool the day before. So I wipe him with toilet paper & snap up his clothes with NO diaper ( DANGEROUS). I know I could have asked for some from the dr. but I am already in the middle of it & I can't just leave Graham in the bathroom. I put him in his car seat & on the way over to his seat he is peeing and it is dripping on the floor. OMG seriously??? I set him in the seat grab stuff clean the floor quickly open the door & basically run to my car. Thank goodness I have my pool bag still in my car. I clean him up take off his clothes and put on a clean diaper. I am about to put on a clean outfit when I stand him up & he spits up all over him & me. My goodness what an ordeal! Graham rides home in his diaper & we go straight home, I was exhausted! HILARIOUS now & while it was happening I could not stop laughing. I will never put the important things in the pool bag again! Learned my lesson!!!!

Well there are 3 funny stories. This last month was fun & we are looking for to many more to come. Being a parent is one of God's greatest blessings & I am in a continual state of learning. Graham Mommy & Daddy love you SO much & we love watching you grow everyday. Even though I think it has gone by a little too fast I look forward to everyday with you... a new exciting adventure!!

Here are a few pics...


Cheri and Ed said...

Sorry about your stroller, but glad you like your new one. Love the pictures! Seriously, I'd like for you to send them. His eyelashes are becoming his daddy's for sure. I loved the stories and I'm still laughing. Thanks for updating your blog. It keeps us connected.

Micah and Colby Malouf said...

Graham is absolutely precious. I love the stories about real life!